NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


At 2 mil sq feet, it will be huge. This potentially will dwarf Vandy.


2M sf is only 300K more space and 1 Vandy has an extensive crown. On the other hand if the hotel has a much narrower profile than the office space below it could indeed be very tall. My guess at this point would be 1200-1300’ for the resurrected Commodore


This is insane. Those crazy visions (someone just posted it) are finally gonna come true. Entering through GCS will be so insane.




43rd Street by Eva, on Flickr


Whaaaaat?!? Cant believe it! Finally!



Peeking through Hudson yards.


From downtown BK: I think this angle creates a 1VB/Steinway/Verre superbuilding.






I can’t believe there might be a Metlife/Panam sandwich in the future with what is happening with the Grand Hyatt.


Is that real rendering? I am confused…is this going plan or not?


That was a conceptual vision back in the day. Its not happening.


Something similar may be a reality soon though^


oh I see…


They should’ve zoomed out to get a full view of the tower




When both these Goliaths finish their exterior work (i.e. that blue crap comes off Nordie’s), you really ought to make a point of taking another pic of that first perspective.