NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


New render looks 150ft taller than what they are supposed to build. Tower also looks less bulky compared to previous renders.


Right now

Pardon the hasty iPhone shot



8 floors above the last mechanical floor and there’s now beams being set up there 2 stories tall. Just saw they erected another set already, changing the diagrams. Damn this is rising quick!


Couple of possibilities here:

  1. They slightly ratchet up the vertical resolution of the pic so as to make it look more slender.

  2. They have indeed made architectural refinements, perhaps in function of how the ob deck’s features will affect everything that rises above it…Speaking of which, I cannot help noticing how there seems to be quite more brawn to the illuminated crown in the newer render.



I work right there on 28th and madison I see this view everyday as I walk to the office!


It looks like it’s now level with the roof of the BofA tower. Barring any unforeseen delays, there is a distinct possibility this can top out before summer!


Correct diagrams


Just looked around, that render was made in 2015 by Visual House. I thought it was new because I haven’t seen it before, but thankfully I did research. And the reason why the current design in that render looks fatter because it’s all the way left and if you’re closer to the left and right of the frame, objects get warped/ stretched. If the original photo was taken looking right at One Vanderbilt, it would look like this


I think Number 2 is the case I remember seeing either here or at SSC Forum that even during the beginning of construction they were finalizing the crown design.



The facade looks amazing.


This looks slightly different too, and it’s the 1,401 foot version


I love this view because it looks like 53w53, 1VB, and Steinway are just hanging out together. The new kids.



Tom, your skills are legendary! Nice work!


Thanks man!



According to my diagram, I think it is a supertall now. Around 980 feet tall

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