NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


It’s bullshit that this one got the height cut. If anything it could of used another 200 feet.


Wow it really is still pretty tall looking even with the height chop.


It looks like they made some alterations to the crown. Very beautiful looking tower. To the novice eye, this can easily be mistaken for the ESB from a distance.


And it most likely will be from the distance^


Also noticed the 3 big floors under the crown is most likely the observation deck floors


this is a real treasure. Curious to see how the lighting works out, if it abruptly starts at the crown it won’t be as elegant as this rendering, imho.



I think the observation floors will serve as a sort of “collar,” helping the transition between the crown and the rest of the tower. Because of the high ceilings, they will appear bigger and brighter than the office floors, even if there’s no specific exterior lighting.


New York Sunset Sky Scape by Neil, on Flickr


Just some cam screenshots:

Source: Skyline Webcams

Source: Skyline Webcams

Source: St George Tower Cam



I took this picture less than a year ago. Feb 2018. The progress in 1 year is absolutely incredible.



Wow. I didn’t realize but this thing is really flying lol




We’re over 1000 right?


My guess is around 900 - 950 FT…




The Grand Hyatt Hotel has to go. I hate it.


is this up to date with the new steel?