NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


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Let’s hope the “Grand” Hyatt is next on the chopping block.


It already looks like it’s always belonged there. A very timeless New York design!


I think the terracotta will stand out much more than the renderings depict. The renderings highlight the floor to ceiling glass, which is attractive to potential tenants. As a result, I think the final product will be much more better looking from the pedestrian standpoint than the glassy renderings.


I think the second rendering from the Bryant park direction looks more realistic. The first rendering looks way too thick in size.


its getting very hard to capture 1 Vandy up close in 1 pic now


Beat me to it @Oppix56

It really is starting to make metlife look tiny which isn’t easy!
Truly stunning



I never noticed that the terracotta has gotten thinner as the curtain wall rose. I wonder if it gets even thinner and more glassy as the renderings show. I like that transition lol




That’s really impressive! I’m really glad they kept the spire in the final design. And 10 days before my birthday! Now that’s a cool gift lol



That is my birthday! How cool!!




Haha, that’s amazing! It’s always nice to find someone sharing the same birthday as you :sunglasses:


Oh yes it will be cooler. :blush:


Looks huge from far away


53/67, 79%


Looks like its around 900 feet.