NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


From Soho.


That long?


Is this from your residence? Or a hotel?


Work. I wish I lived in Soho lol.


back in the day, your acetate film was your layer in photoshop, just like a Disney animation cell. Text was generated with a photo chemical process, printed and hand cut onto a layer. Everything was then photocopied (either mechanically or chemically) to give you your final output. Took a long time and was a lot more work.


It’s going to have such a huge impact on the skyline. Very excited!
Photo taken from my apartment in Brooklyn.


You have a great view!


^Agreed! I might want some shots from there sometime


Of course!


I wake up everyday to a view of all of Manhattan, including Lower Manhattan and DoBo. Can’t complain!




Due to the height of this boom, the next boom will be required to have a certain height standard. We can expect 450m towers coming up casually. 270 Park will most likely be the first of that “casually 450m” wave. It’s gonna be exciting when things like Vanderbilt and Nordstrom are just a few of the many.


With property values at the current level, and rising, we will see much more height. Likewise with the Midtown East rezoning… more space added onto older stock, the cost of building in that district… super talls will be a common thing.

270 Park is a taste of whats to come.


Not only supertalls but 1400 footers


That is something NY does, is set plateaus. Like in Midtown for example, you had the 600-650 foot plateau or city wide for the most part, than you had the 700… than 800… now it seems like 1400 for most super talls or in the pipeline.

Brooklyn after the Williamsburg clock tower was surpassed was around 600ish… and now it seems like its slowly climbing upwards.

I think before we see a solid 600m tower, we will have multiple towers of similar height. I can only hope that 1600 ft is the next goal. Slowly inching our way (1 WTC is an exception, but to roof I mean).

Although I do hope 270 Park has a spire or a nice crown! :crossed_fingers: