NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS



So thicc


Pic by me. Taken last night.

1 Vandy is on its way to dominate.

20181208_201150 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr


I saw this from the Whitestone Bridge today from that angle made it look like it was part of the MetLife building. I know it has been said before but you don’t really get how much volume this building has.


Its finally far along enough that even the clueless tourists taking pics of Grand Central are noticing it


KPF’s evolution (383 Madison Ave, 1989)


Interesting. Dumb question, but how did they do renders back then? Did they superimpose a physical model over a picture?


Noteworthy that the eventual building maintained some elements like the square base and octagonal(ish) tower. Too bad what got built looks value-engineered and has half the square footage of the original 72 story vision.


That’s exactly how they did it. These days they put realistic 3d models on the images. Before they used to sketch renders way before computers








Thoughts on how long til it breaks 1000’?


March 2019?


Sounds about right as long as long as the snow and ice factor remains mild.

If there are ~15 floors to go to the lower part of the observation deck (1020’) and the building averages a floor a week that would put it in late March.


Isn’t 1WTC’s 1,250 feet up?


Yea something like that but wtc isn’t an outdoor observation deck. This is specifying highest “outdoor”


1 WTC: 1,254 feet
30 Hudson Yards: 1,125 feet
ESB: 1,050/1,250 feet
One Vanderbilt: 1,020 feet
Rockefeller Center: 850 feet