NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


A new set of steel has risen, which makes this building taller than the MetLife Building and above 800 feet


Beautiful. Can’t wait until it passes buildings like Chrysler among other things.


Only a little above 200 feet for it to pass the Chrysler Building




48/67, 72%
11 floors away from the crown starting

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Green is steel and red is cladding


For it to pass the spire or the top floor of Chrysler?


The K-Man strikes again!


From Hoboken


The spire! 1,046-800=246




It fits right in the middle of the MetLife Building


Nice shot! I think i got my car inspected at that closed down delta station a few years ago.


Thanks! That gas station and the one across the street from it are scheduled to be rentals soon. Sign of the times lol


Wasnt sure what they were going to do with those. They were both Delta stations iirc!


I got a shot just like that too! And I can’t believe my trip was 10 days ago, expect me to come back early Spring!




This is moving faster than expected!


Hopefully they will have an easy winter. The long range forecast isn’t great right now.