NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


This made me laugh out loud :joy:


Hi, Chris.

Do you watch How The Universe Was Made on the Science Channel? It’s great.


Yes sir. I’m a huge astronomy and astrophysics fan. Its fascinating in general, and humbling. I’ll say this, the more one knows about the cosmos, the more humbled one becomes.


As am I. We have a lot in common. We love women, cars, Cognac, Scotch, science, and, of course, skyscrapers.


“Skyscrapers, Scotch and Salma” would be a great title for your memoire, Robert.


What type of scotch? I’m an Islay man myself.




I usually get MacAllan. I’ll try Islay the next time.


Bears. Beets. Big buildings.


I’ve noticed that most science nerds/sci fi nerds tend to be skyscraper nerds hahaha. That at least applies to me. We all want to live in the futuristic utopia of our dreams I guess hahaha.
And Cognac, cars, Scotch and women aren’t too bad either hahaha


I, also, am a huge science, philosophy and technology nerd as well as one whom enjoys the consumption of spirits. I also love cyberpunk as a science fiction genre. One of things I love about New York is how it reminds me of bladerunner at times. I forget who uploaded this but it’s perfect! Just need it to be retaken when all the current construction tops out.


Dang looks like I found my brethren. I’m a huge scifi, futurism, space, post-humanism nerd. I wrote a 20 page paper in college about The Matrix, gender, and post-humanism lol.

Favorite books growing up: Neuromancer, Ender’s Game, Snow Crash, A Wrinkle in Time. Anything by Phillip K Dick, Bradbury, Orwell.

I like contemplating philosophical questions. Also the idea that we are both simultaneously significant (we are the Universe experiencing itself, whoa), and incredibly small (compared to the vastness of space) is both uplifting and terrifying at the same time.


This is not only the best forum in terms of content, but it has the best members.


Indeed, Robert. Cheers! :beers:


So true. Robert and I have posted together for years. We have seen so many great buildings go up.

New York! America! The glamor of it all!

The Age of Ramses!


I got lots of pics for you guys. I’m going to upload them soon. All taken today.



Pics by me. All taken today.

20181116_105009 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr

20181116_110019 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr

20181116_110038 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr



1 vandy and 270 Park are going to be the Chrysler & Empire State Building of this boom and its not even looking at the city outside of Midtown


A Touch of snow remains after Thursday’s snow storm by Danny Daly, on Flickr