NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


Nicely done there Thomas! She’ll be a beaut when done


November 8th, 2018

(Taken with my cellphone.)


Click for full image
Clip art if anyone was interested


Ah yes. Far more realistic.

Personally though I feel 1 Vandy is far too stout for its design. It feels squished.


Took this from the office on Wednesday 11/7


Midtown | Grand Central Terminal | NYC by Eugene Huang, on Flickr


Took these today:


Instagram: nyconstructionphoto


The difference a DSLR makes :sweat_smile:. Great pictures.



Tom, your skills are impressive! Nice work!


Ah I wish it was gonna end up that tall


Isn’t that how tall it will be?


This will be an iconic tower!


I say it already is! Look how huge it is already, and we just passed the halfway point of the entire tower!


This is one speedy boy. I love it! I can wait to go back to NYC!! :smiley:
It was so memorable when I was there. It just has a certain feel to it that I can find anywhere else.
Love! <3


Credit: FC


Thank you, yours were nice too. 1 Van is one of the hardest towers to take a good picture of.


It’s even harder when using a 300mm lense from over 5 miles away. But of course that was almost 3 months ago, it should be popping out from some of my spots now, along with CPT and 111 W57. By the way I’m coming back this Sunday, so lots of photos coming!


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