NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS



Does the rezoning cover the Pfizer buildings on 42nd St? I read that the purchaser intends to convert them to lab space. It would be a shame if those eyesores are not redeveloped.


It was on the list of prime candidates for demo under the new zoning.

Hers an article on the current parcel and a hypothetical tower that could be built on it.


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Just beginning to peak out


This building is phenomenal. Along with 111w57, this building is all class and unmistakably in the New York tradition.

It looks ultra modern but also - and most remarkably - like it could have always been there.


What rate is this tower at again?


Compared with other towers


I think its safe to say One Vandy is rising at a faster rate than the others yet it still has a long way to go.



even the upper floors have crazy ceiling height, almost makes all the art deco buildings near by look like they were built for people no taller than 4 feet.



Awesome angle. Chrysler your days are numbered, One Vandy is coming for you.

This will look cool in a few years when 50 HY and the Spiral close that gap some more.


From today. Happy Halloween.


Who would’ve thought the Chrysler building would someday look insignificant on the skyline. Its beautiful design however remains timeless.





Halloween night


The Chrysler building is definitely one of my favorites both in design and history.

Fun fact: when it was originally built they didn’t have the technology to individually light the distinct cut outs in the crown but knew one day it could happen so they built them anyway with the hopes of one day being able to do so.


I love that fact