NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


I agree to an extent. Exten being heavily emphasized here. While I think 1 Vandy is gorgeous I think It would be prettier with lighter glass.


The glass will look lighter once it starts being clad higher up… these low floors are reflecting all the dark stuff around them


This right here^^^ Once it’s complete, it’ll look pretty light. It just won’t have that blue hue to it like WTC or HY


I do agree the blue stuff like HY and WTC is pretty awesome, but it’s good to have variety so it’s not all blue monoliths


Only thing I’d like to change is make the white cladding more gold-ish like in some earlier renders. I absolutely loved that.


Very true, I think its a rush to judge way too soon. The cladding hasn’t been exposed to any sort of light and is still too low on the building to get a sense of its appearance.


Yeah like this doesn’t look all too dark



Yea that looks better but those stripes are still pretty prominent. I would like to note I think the overall form of the building is spectacular!

The horizontal stripes though are exactly what I don’t like about all those 70’s/80’s buildings. IDK this just is looking way different than what I was expecting. I will keep an open mind though.


I like the cladding. The crown is what gives me pause. Looks to me like a baby hand on an adult arm. We’ll see how it turns out in reality.


Not long till it catches the Pan Am/MetLife!


Looks like its 675’ eyeing it. That Midtown Cam btw from Earthcam is awesome. As it grows, so will the presence. Metlife is huge for anybody who’s seen it, and this thing somewhat competes.

I feel bad for Chrysler. This is going to dwarf it.


I’d love to see this junk across from 1 Vandy come down.

I’d also love to see fhis crap on Madison and 40th come down too.


The Hyatt is top of my list.


I want to see that PoS come down too.


Quick snap from Court Sq.


I wish we could make a master list of all the ugly POS in the city and tear them down for space for better, taller, prettier buildings.


Let’s do it! Preservation groups make lists all the time regarding “the most threatened historic buildings.” Making a list on the opposite end of the spectrum of all the old buildings that need to be torn down could be just as beneficial.

My least favorite used to be those horrible tiny buildings where 25 Park Row is now rising. I can’t tell you how happy that made me when I found out those were getting redeveloped.

I bet some of the big developers in town already have excel lists of all the “development opportunity” buildings in the city.


I’d like to se them go on another urban holocaust like in 1968 and raze all of the useless trashy taxpayers and rotting tenements, but that’s just me


Strongly agreed. Let’s preserve the architectural gems and toss out the useless heaps for more arciitectural innovation! Its only right that a city like NYC should only accept the best.