NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


This tower is stunning.

Looking at that photo, however, makes me reiterate my typical refrain:Vision42 should be implemented ASAP, and it should also cover 14th, 23rd, 34th, and 57th Streets. We don’t need cars there. Instead, those traffic-chocked streets should have wide, landscaped sidewalks with two lanes of trolley going in either direction.


Couldn’t agree more Robert. Also would love to see pedestrian only on Broadway from Union Square to MSP.


I agree re: the pedestrianization of B’Way, City. I want to see that from the Battery to 59th St.


Hmm… so kinda back to its original roots as a Native American trail/path? Now that would be something.


When they pedestrianize portions of B’Way between Times Sq and Herald Sq in the summer, it’s truly amazing!



We’re back!


Yes and great pics!! :smiley:


Great way to come back! amazing pics @baronson



Multiple pics in link:


from last saturday, I counted 34 stories i believe


I counted 38


lighting was great so I took a ton of pics


Great pics! It really is a nice fall day out.



It’s so massive and beautifully clad


Am I the only one whose not a fan of this?


Probably not, but what do you not like about it? Architecture should be freely discussed.


I’m not a fan of the diagonal panels on the side. I also think buildings with dark and light stripes are ugly.

IDK it might look better when it’s topped out but I think something like Manhattan West or all of the buildings currently at Hudson Yards look WAY better.