NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


Oh mama is this thing shiny and beautiful! Iconic New York style.



1st 3 floor of glass near complete


That facade is stunning




1 vandy from Times Sq

another week another floor of glass


from 09-22-18


A tease of a new model :wink:


Nice work, Tom! This is gonna look so cool in the skyline. Gonna dwarf everything around it. Definitely another classic in the making.



As chunky as this is I expected it to have more space than the Empire State Building. ESB has 2.7M ft^2 while One Vanderbilt will have 1.6M ft^2, but this thing is still huge


ESB has a huge base (200’x400’) and ~20 more office floors. The massing on this tower is similar to Bank of America, but BoA has 400K more square feet on ~10 fewer floors - largely thanks to a huge base.


The ceiling height in each floor of this building is insanely high as well, particularly in the lower floors which is now par for the course of many modern buildings. While the ESB has 102 floors with not very high ceiling in comparison.


Yeah this seems to be a big thing now… while the entire volume of 1 Vandy is about the same as the volume of ESB, the drastically lower number of floors dividing up that space makes the square footage much lower


Very interesting point. Perhaps volume should really be the baseline for how massive a building is.


Look closely to the left and you can see the netting and cranes


Peeking out:




Good morning all! Beautiful day, beautiful tower.