NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


am I the only one that doesn’t mind 330 Madison.
I think its fine. Nothing too sacrilegous nothing extraordinary but I def think there are other building in NYC that deserve to be redone before 330




Nice shot, Tec!


starting its appearence on park ave


This thing is gonna be freakin enormous


Can’t wait to see this pass the MetLife building. When that happens I think everyone will really start to take notice…“Another giant is on the rise.”


It already is enormous! This tower is insanely awesome


What are we at 600 feet?


36/67, 53%


Around 620 feet!


Soo, I don’t want to jump the gun here…but by Koloski’s count this has gone up 8 stories since July 31st. That’s averaging over a floor a week (8 floors/6 weeks). There are 25 weeks until the beginning of March, which is the earliest people are saying CPT or 111West could conceivably be topped out. If this thing keeps pace, it could even catch on of those (8/6 x 25 = 33 floors!) ?!




OOOOO babyyyy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Beautiful update JC. Thanks for sharing!




midday friday


This beast doesn’t fit on cam anymore:

Source: Skyline Webcams


This one’s coming along beautifully, it’s one more reason why I’m a huge KPF fan!

On another note, what the hell are they doing to 277 Park Avenue?


I don’t see 277 Park in any of the above photos, but if there is a hoist up or something I assume JP Morgan Chase is beginning to move assets from 270


It was the photo taken on Park Avenue, where One Vanderbilt was just starting to become visible. I noticed some construction barriers around 277, and was wondering what was up.