NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


windows on the eastern facade being installed



Everything with this is at a fast pace. Even the cladding is going up quickly!




The final height of this building continues to puzzle me. Just went to the DoB site and noticed that a new diagram was released couple months ago (April 2018). It seems to indicates a spire height of 1514’ which is what was initially proposed for the building before it was chopped 70’ last year (as referred by the 2017 zoning diagram).



I’m really hoping we get the 1500 ft version. It looks so much better that way.


dare to dream


lighting was near perfect today



This beautiful hulking beast deserves to be 1500 feet.


Agreed, this building deserves to be the center of attention on the NYC skyline.


Hopefully, JPMC’s new HQ will be even more beautiful and taller.


They’ve started cladding on the north side:


Cranes from 7.5 miles away

Crane from 11 miles away



The glass facade has already changed on the west side.


Amazing shots!


Hah, must have been only a few hours apart!

+bonus shot of 270 Park