NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


DSLR’s are worth getting!


First glass in!!!
The detailing on this facade is f***ing awesome


I didn’t realize there would be little insets in the windows. Neat.


I believe they are operable, and that’s how they open


This looks even better than expected!


Nice! A bit of a stretch but the insets remind me of the windows the twins had…


Does anyone know what floor they’re at now?



28/67, 42%


Already getting close to its halfway point! How long has this thing been rising above street level?


I like it!!!


July 2017



Does anyone know if they still plan to add any gold elements under the white terracotta like in some of the renderings?


Was wondering the same thing:


Interesting. In this link, there is a picture of both types of cladding going up on the building, both the one from the mock-up you posted, as well as the cladding already added to the tower. For the already added type of cladding, it shows the gold almost as a grate that covers over it. Perhaps it still needs to be added?
With the horizontal lines already present, though, it appears as if it’s a design change. Not sure?


Tbh I love this façade. The inset windows really make it a unique building and I appreciate that in a flat-glass-box era.


Oh gosh this gold cladding would really set this building over the top in a good way.


Cladding progress!


Could be one of the most interesting claddings among recent projects. I like it so far.