NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


this thing is racing!


I agree



This thing is already so imposing at street level.


very true, and all the shots I took were from across the street!




The first piece of cladding is up . There’s no glass yet — just terra cotta, but it looks good.


That’s great! How does it look


Very nice. It’s largely terra cotta. I was with clients and couldn’t stop to snap photos. I will later.


Looks great! About time we see it! Funny how it was originally scheduled to go up in October


Thanks for grabbing those pics. Looks great.



That looks great. Thanks for snapping the pics!


Terra cotta looks great. Hopefully we start seeing glass go up soon.


Visible from further up Madison Ave


Sorry for poor quality, used my phone.

One Vanderbilt is already starting to block the view of the Chrysler building from the west along 42nd Street. I have mixed feeling about this. I absolutely love the Chrysler building and the view of it along 42nd Street but at the same time I can’t wait to see One Vandy take its rightful place on the skyline.


From today:


Great little shots, Baronson


Thanks. It’s funny I worked for a video/photo production company for 10 years but never got my own DSLR. Been saving up for one. I’d really like to get more detailed facade shots of both our newer and older buildings.

But for now the phone will have to suffice.