NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


From about 2 months ago (early Feb) for comparison:



I knew you would work your magic Thomas! Didn’t even have to ask. :slight_smile:


Today. You can really see how the design at the base opens up to allow better views of grand central.


Wow those are some great pictures.


JC delivers, as always!


Thanks guys!


I noticed One Vanderbilt’s crane from One World Observatory


Man, this thing’s a beast!

I wonder when cladding will start?



Taken by gaelle et arnaud on Flickr:

Vandy is getting big. Love it :blush:


I’m amazed at how gigantic this thing looks from street view!


Is this really only going to be 1,301’ to the roof? It looks so much taller in the promo video on their website:

Here’s a screenshot from that film.


They might have the 1500 foot (1400 to roof) rendering in the video. Perhaps the video was out before the height cut.


Hmm true. It would be sweet if there was a height boost again, but I know that’s not gonna happen.


Great snapshot.

You have to be quick with this next one, as it appears for less than a second, but here it is…


Nice one, Chris! Now in that shot the roof would be even taller than 1401’. Think about it, 432 is just shy of 1400 feet and in that capture, 1 VDB still looks at least 100’ taller to the roof. Not to mention it’s further away!

We can use the line from my screen capture as a reference for the height difference.




some of these are new renderings.