NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


Looks like it’s going to be a liebherr








New York - 42nd Street live cam
New York, view of 42nd Street, Madison Ave and the Hudson River from Grand Hyatt New York


From Submariner on SSP

Approximately where the building stands as of today:


I think that this will top out in a year.


the schedule for steel was around 26 months if i recall correctly.


I know this is a bad angle, but I didn’t have time to get much closer. Taken by me only an hour ago!

A little off topic, but I just arrived to the city today and I absolutely love it here. Such a beautiful city.

Can’t wait to take more pictures!


Hope you enjoy your time here!



Nice shots, 5B!!!


Took some closer pictures a few minutes ago. Crane base looking good!


NIce shots, Oatmeal.


The ascent on the skyline begins!

P1290805 by Troy & Lori, on Flickr

P1290811 by Troy & Lori, on Flickr

Clear Noon View 3 by Gene M., on Flickr

Day3_373 by Todd Freestone, on Flickr


Untitled by Kayte Dolmatch, on Flickr.



These early skyline shots are so exciting! This building is going to be a BEAST!!


Sienway is catching up. I have a feeling it will pass CPT on the race to T/O status.


Definitely since the floors get a lot smaller as it rises.