NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS




Nice shots, Tec!!


This is going to be one amazing lobby. Typical office floors should be going up next.


this should really start to visibly move now that they are past that nasty transfer floor.

i think the next one is around the 30th floor.


Thanks! Do you know when they will start the concrete core, if they havent started already? (It is hard to tell looking in from the outside)


Is there a concrete core? Or is it all steel like 30 Hudson?


I thought this one was similar to 1MW where they start some steel first. Then backfill the concrete core later. I assume 1vandy wont need to wait a long time during this stage like 1mw did for the unique base of the core they have there. This one should be able to keep building steel at almost the same time as the core going in. (That is what I thought I had read a while back, but Falcone knows for sure, i bet)


concrete core is already started inside. it will follow the steel and absorb the temporary steel core that is used to support the steel frame while under construction


This article has a bit more info on the technological advances they came up with for 1 Vanderbilt including the core and that huge elevator loading dock on the north side. From 2 weeks ago…




Now that we’re past the base this should go up quickly!


Quickly as in a floor every week or two by my guesses


the shape of that base gives me the butterflies!







Nice shot, Oppi!


From SSC, taken today by user geoking66:

This is going rather quick all of sudden. I love it! :slight_smile:


Looks like they do 2 floors in sets in a week


So there’s a good chance this is gonna be topped out within the year at this rate?