NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


I’m kinda hoping when completed it will appear taller than 432 Park and the ESB to create a sort of new central attraction on the skyline. Right now 432 Park is so dominant.


I agree. 432 Park looks like a giant pencil




Here are some Terracotta samples from instagram:

Looks really good





How tall are we at right now?



Not sure how tall it is at this point. Close to 100ft ?


around 110’


so like 1/13


around 7.5%




Did you draw that, Otie?


nice rendering Otie.

you can see pretty clearly the delineating line between occupied space and the start of the snorkel structure.

top 350 feet is pretty much all mech/architectural.


I wonder where will the window washing equipment be stored. On all setbacks?


yes, i think it will all be located on the snorkel setbacks.


He doesn’t draw like me, he does scaled 3d models and then processes it to blend in the skyline by adding lighting, reflections and time of day


Taken today by Geoking66 on SSC:

Have a great week!




Great shots, Arbre.