NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS





From yesterday:


Really impressive construction, even more so given its location right next to GC. Here’s a few pics I took yesterday morning.


the view from the observation deck will be incredible.


Nice shots, Oppix!


Last night:


Photocred: c.lilianmarlen on Instagram.

You should check out this Instagram, lots of great ironworkers pics.


Too impressive not to take photos of.


My favorite of all the buildings going up and its rising so fast. Very exciting to watch. At this rate, a year from now it should be making an impression on the skyline!


I’m content at the speed too. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think it would be this fast, but I’m not complaining. :smile:

This transformation city wise is like a dream coming true.


Fifth Avenue between 43rd and 47th needs a makeover. It’s the worst part of Fifth. I hope it happens soon. This tower will help to transform that area. Hopefully, 520 Fifth will proceed, and Extell will design something good at its site on 5th and 46th.





Excuse me, I wonder that u know I ask someone that my question is Tokyo bigger than NYC correct? I am curious NYC skyscraper island Manhattan more building than Tokyo am I right?


Tokyo region as a whole is much larger both land wise and population wise (its the largest city in the world). From a pure skyscraper standpoint, NY has more.

The 23 wards of Tokyo are about 240 sq miles and has a population close to 9 million. As comparison, all of NYC’s population of 8.6 mil resides in about 300 sq miles.


Tokyo doesn’t stop at the 23 wards though hahaha.
It is truly massive, there are buildings all the way to yokohama.
New York still beats it in term of amount of skyscrapers with over one hundred more buildings over 150 metres
Hong Kong however has everyone beat with over 60 more skyscrapers than NYC. Having lived a few months in HK I can tell you it is spectacular, for me it is the only skyline in the world that can compete with the big apple.

Sorry for being a wee bit off topic haha







Nice rendering from YIMBY