NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS







Thats the façade?



Window-gazing at the mock up of the One Vanderbilt facade. Evoking the iconic terra-cotta tiles used in Grand Central, diagonal spandrels of terra-cotta will be placed throughout the skyscraper’s curtain wall with a concentration at the base, designed to interplay with the Beaux Arts landmark.


So it will be kind of similar to Steinway as far as façade goes


Yea, One Vandy is gonna be a beauty!


That’s the impression I got once I saw VGs photo, absolutely gorgeous! Much more than your typical glass office facade.


This is by far my favorite building under construction. I can’t wait for this juggernaut to be completed. It will put MetLife and Chrysler in its shadow. A new dominant beauty in the heart of east midtown. Stuff like this makes the city I love so epic!


Oh, wow. That’s much prettier than I was expecting. Nice.


Can start to see the steel rising now.


Nice shot, Jag!



A 2nd crane is being set up




A great sign for this amazing giant skyscraper in Manhattan!







What a gorgeous tower. It really is breathtaking in pictures. Just imagine seeing that beauty in real life.