NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


Why is this any of your concern or any of your business?
Not trying to be rude but that comment seemed a bit condescending,rhetorical,sarcastic. If it wasn’t im sorry for snapping at ya


That’s a great video, Robert.


Britney Spears. That’s one gorgeous woman!


Just trying to inject a little humour in this thread. I find gifs can often portray better emotions or feelings than words alone. I hope it doesnt bother anyone! And yes @StrongIsland she is a beautiful woman :smirk:


I agree with you, Robert and Strong.


Wow very mature, I respond to your aggressive behavior in a kind way even giving you the benefit of the doubt and you call me a retard
A shame I had to earn the first flag badge.
I didn’t realise there were people like you on this forum
I wish you the best


Hemescrotum should be banned.


Lol every time hemeroscopium comes out of hiding it’s to start a fight. Let’s just agree not to feed the trolls


Great Southpark video!


Sad to know that these Immature Trolls are starting to appear on this website too…

He probably didn’t even know what he was saying, therefore he should just have been ignored and banned
Nice Pictures and Gifs by the way


My question is how has this troll not been banned already?


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Cleaned up the spam/0 tolerance for rudeness!


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great find!


Nice Yo


…Amazing pic!!..:slight_smile:


I suspended him for 10 days. Next strike, a ban.

Comon hemeroscopium.

We don’t want any citydata or SSC rubbish here. Stop with the bs please.


Nice shot, Tom