NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


Yes. I was amazed.


Hopefully this tops out when CPT and Steinway is completed in 2019. The skyline will be awesome in a couple years time.


I agree


26 months


@John_Falcone Wow. Thats incredible! I heard this project is also 3 weeks ahead of schedule already!



Beautiful shots, Robert! I’m on vacation for one week and this thing shoots up! Finally!


Thanks, Strong,

Enjoy your trip!




minor complaint but I hope they bring back the bronze(?) under the terracotta. Its a small detail but plain white on blue glass makes the tower look boring and our of context imo. I think it was eliminated along with the height cut.


They are now above street level.



Great shots, JC


I had no idea they were this far along. How awesome. Can’t wait to see it rise above the fence. I think then it will be clear how massive this will be.



I feel like everytime I walk by the grand central area something is on fire.
Welcome to New York.


In this video we can see that they are installing a crane.



I’ve been away for a few weeks. Is this above street level? If appears to be in Tom’s photo.


Yes, it is