NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS





Chrysler Building, Empire State Building and soon One Vanderbilt Avenue



Beautiful photo, VG!


One Vanderbilt Avenue will be beautiful in this photo.



I concur!!


Matt Breitel




tower crane approved by the FAA




Sorry if it has already been posted.Great pics to all, does anyone have the dimensions of that huge pit?


The southern foundation wall is getting prepped.

The northern foundation wall.





So what’s going on now, and when will it start to rise?


Rebar at ground level!


Screenshot from the new Spider-man: HOMECOMING spot #4 showing the Stark Tower on the site of One Vandy and Grand Central Station (also MetLife Building is taken out of the shot)


I wouldn’t mind a tower in that style over in the hudson yards area, it would fit quite well.


At street level on the north side.


The rebar at ground level on the North Side is for the loading dock with the framing for the truck elevator immediatly adjacent. You can see the cut for the future garage door in one of the photos above.