NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


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question about height. I recall this being +1550 feet or so, did it get a height reduction or are they no longer counting a spire or something?


I think the height was cut.


Newly scanned zoning pdf
It shows the building is elevated at 60 feet


Nice find, Mr. T.


So,as far as I understand it’s officially 1401 ft to the spire and less than 1300 ft to the roof. What a disappointment! It’s pure tragedy that One Vanderbilt has lost two very important hights: 1500 ft to the tip and 400 m to the roof, now OV is just another supertall, just another 300+ m…
Or I’m wrong and the final height can still be increased?


This is an amazing tower that any city would crave.

I’m pleased with it.