NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


Trying to figure where the ESA/Subway access would be in this? Any idea where that egress would be?


I believe it is to the right side of this photo, on the sidewalk, but it’s not visible in this photo.


Credits to Thomas Koloski for finding this!





Love this design but I don’t understand the top.


I think that the top looks great, and it’s where the various, independent lines of the tower meet.

I believe that other than a grand ballroom type space and the observation deck, this whole area is otherwise empty just like the Chrysler’s crown.

They could have just ended it here and left it with a flat top where the office space ends.


That would be no bueno. The shape is just kinda weird.


I think it looks good. The only angle I don’t like as much is from the due east.

The north and south and south sides look great.


Looks great there.


I agree, Tech



Great shots, ilny




Base Rendering:

Credit: Visual House


NYC 2030

From Visual House front page




Pic by me. Taken today.


Nice photos, Chris