NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


I can’t seem to view the image, it just comes up with an unclickable link


Great shot! Thanks for the updates on the pour.

These were taken early afternoon 2/4


This is the Super Bowl of Concrete pours… My word that is impressive






Very nice shot you have found, VG!
Way to go as always!


I agree!

Great photo!!




Great shots, Street!


The end of the contruction timelapse video (~40s) on shows the on-going pour.


Does anyone know if the area with concrete and rebar represents the entire footprint of the tower?

If so, it’s a small portion of the site.



The rebar standing up is for future walls that will be in place


So does that mean that the area with rebar and concrete is the footprint of the tower?


thats the core plus some, its not the footprint


John, your professional feedback is a great added value to this forum. Wondering about the tarpaulin, would it mean recently poured concrete + rain = trouble?


yes. it is related to both the ice/water and heat during the winter months. A pour like this takes a long time to cure.


I agree. John adds a huge amount to our discussions.


Thx, John.

Will the tower’s footprint occupy the bulk of the block then?


The renderings seem to show that, yes.


That’s what I assumed. Thx.