NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


A very good sign of the start! :smiley:
Great find, VG!


I agree.


Nice! Those underground caverns near GCT haven’t sunlight for some time…


I can’t wait to see 1 Vanderbilt in this scene!

Here are some Other photos that I snapped last night.


Gorgeous shots Sir Walpole!

I absolutely love it when the cities lights reflect from off of the clouds.


Thanks, Stig!


4000 yard pour coming up this saturday. should be interesting to see if anyone is around. four pumps


Jan 28th?

Are they done excavating?


i think mostly all the rock is out., not done, but they are starting with pits and walls as you can see from the photos


Wow! Thanks for the update John! That sounds like a huge concrete pour. Each truck can do like 10 yards. That is 100 trucks per pump! They are going to be lined up all over the place. I may see if I can go in to see it and take some pics.


Over a year ago salesforce pumped 12,000 yards for the foundation and took 18 hours of constant pumping. In theory this could take them 6 hours.


i believe its planned to take 12 hours


The pit is HUGE!!
Foundation is fully underway. As John @John_Falcone said, Saturday’s pour is going to be interesting.


Are there no pilings because this is being built directly on bedrock?


I have a feeling that this will go up fast given the current rate of progress!


It’s crazy how fast this went from just a large empty pit to a complex developed foundation


Yeah I assume the same. No piles. They hit bedrock like halfway into the digging and just kept going until they got to their current depth. I think one of the reasons salesforce had so much more concrete was that they never hit bedrock so they created thier own 14+ foot thick concrete slab underneath.


Great Update, NYC1!

I wonder if the concrete pour coming up will only be for the south half of the foundation? Seems like that north half is not ready yet.


Great photos, NYC!