NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


I see it around here


steel before core, and both cranes are inside the building.

nice render though


Great render Thomas.

Ill guess that it will be about half of where your render is by next spring.


I’m genuinely curious how do you know about these details? Is it an assumption or did you actually read this somewhere?


first hand knowledge


Your inside info is a great contribution to the forum, John.


One Vandy will be a nice counterpoint to BoA.


There is many ways how to construct a building, they mostly use steel for the core and floors or reinforced concrete for core ando steel floors


Also, looks like Google is updating street view


yes, and this building is a concrete core, however, the building will be built steel first with temporary steel for the core, concrete to follow steel.

same as 1wtc.


Thx for the info, John.

I look forward to this amazing tower.


Hey John, thanks for the info. For those of us lacking more specific construction knowledge, could you explain the benefits of/reasoning behind the steel-first approach?


speeds up construction by releasing the follow on trades sooner. You dont have the lag of starting concrete core then waiting for it to move ahead, then starting steel. Finish the foundation then start steel right away. This lets you get concrete on metal decks faster, start MEPs faster, start Curtain wall faster, then the core just follows behind and ties in at its own pace.

Look at 1MW. steel stops for 4-6 months.



The city beneath us. Still pouring concrete for the perimeter. Many hollow spaces under the street.


Nice photos , Side Street


Great update. There’s a song to describe this feeling when entering the city and being part of the greatest boom out there.

If you see some guy dancing in Penn Station to this or taking pics, while dancing, might be me. :slight_smile:

Happy sunday to all btw. :blush:


By the looks of thise photos, we’re at the bottom now? I’m guessing it will start rising above ground in 4 months


Won’t they have to dig the tunnel accesses to GC before it can start rising?