NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS




Thought this was cool.


Hopefully they’ll have a camera when it starts rising, that would be even cooler!






that is the best model I have ever seen.


The situated it at the site in the precise manner in which the building will be, so that’s the view we will have looking up at it from the west.

Vanderbilt and BoA will complement one another quite nicely!


Digging deep.

BOA’s foundation also called for digging down 50+ feet. Those earth movers hit bedrock a while ago and they’re still going. I wonder if crews will dig down as far as was necessary for Central Park tower?


GreAt update, Sidestreet.



AMAZING!!! :astonished:


Holy Mackerel.
This truly is an icon in the making!


I agree


One Vandy will look great in this shot standing tall with the 2 icons.



Is that a request buddy? :grin:


One Vandy is going to absolutely dominate in that shot!


Hell yea, that’s a request! :smiley:


Coming later today then!


Nov 23


From two weekends ago

a week later

If the lighting gets better I’ll take some more today or tomorrow


Not sure if this was posted