NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


Ground breaking is today.






Manhattan’s Newest Office Tower to Be Among Priciest for Tenants



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People are getting into heated arguments on the height in other forums and I am so confused!

Yimby has it listed at 1401, as does 1 Vanderbilt’s Instagram feed, but their website recently listed it at 1501, as does SSP. WTH?


@Dennis_Sandoval Usually those taller stats (much like most official heights) refer to the architectural top of the building. In this case that would be the spire at 1501’ tall.
Although I certainly wish that the roof reached that height.


The tower is starting to get coverage from major news outlets!

The General Public will soon start to find out about this gem!




Chrysler building is dwarfed by One Vanderbilt

I’m so hyped about this tower!


This is awesome! People finally taking notice.
Note: “Megatall” hah, I wish we were getting a megatall.


I agree, VG.


They updated the website!







I’m not against the building, I’d love to see it!!




I have banked with TD Bank, the anchor tenant at One Vanderbilt, for over 20 years. When construction is completed, I think I will have to visit New York and make my way to the TD branch in this majestic building, for I feel I have a connection, be it ever so slight:)


I haven’t heard any news about the observation deck.


If this were a Trump building, the restaurant would be “Yooge”!