NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


I like that the developer has put all these images around the site like at 1js in journal sq. Much better than the green fences with just 1 tiny crappy render/massing at most sites. These full images on the fences are at almost every construction site in Toronto. Hope we see more of this in nyc in the future.







One Vanderbilt

One Vanderbilt welcomes IBM






Nice find, VG!

It looks like KPF put their proposal for the E 60th St tower in this rendering!

Or is that supposed to be 432 Park?




That’s interesting. Seems like they are commissioned to design the E60th tower.


Great finds.

One thing I really miss are all the gold accents from the older renderings. they really made the building much a more warm and classic look, less sterile. Don’t get me wrong still a beauty, but I hope they either bring them back, or that the newer renderings are simply inaccurate (which I doubt).


The last video VG posted is absolutely mind-blowing… and from some shots it looks like my desired gold accents are still there :slight_smile:


Pretty sure that’s 432 Park?


Great and cool videos you found, VG!


This is trully an amazing video of this skyscraper!
Great find, VG!
It’ll be a great addition to NYC!


Only in New York am I right?


there seems to be inconsistency with the height… those renderings VG posted definitely depict a ~1500’ tower, as 432 Park is ~1400’ and closer from that particular perspective.
Could be for promotional purposes, I suppose.


It seemed too short to be 432, and it seems to fan out at the top. However, I think you’re right, Yimby.


I hope that our bud, Tommy K, does a render that also includes Steinway, Nordstrom, Verre, 220 CPS, 520 Park, and 425 Park!


This is out of scale.


It’s nice that we’re getting supertalls in Midtown on 34th, 42nd, 53rd, and 58th! It adds to the fabric of Midtown.


Yea, not the best rendering. 432 is on 57th, this tower on 42nd and the ESB is on 34th, but it doesn’t appear that way in the render. You’d think 432 Park and One Vanderbilt are within 3 blocks of each other.