NEW YORK | One Vanderbilt | 1,401 FT | 67 FLOORS


Do you recon they’ll still put in an observation deck up there?

Imagine a spiral staircase up the crown with multiple platforms for viewing all the way to the base of the spire!


It is possible. I find it hard to accommodate an elevator up there, though. As you can see from the section cut, the core stops just below the uppermost crown segment. The only way to get the public reach the uppermost section is through a series of staircases attached to the outer curtain wall/columns.

I am also surprised by the relatively low number of actual floor slabs. 68 is a short number for a 1401’ tower (1501’ to the spire). A typical office floor has a slab-to-slab height of 14’6". (by comparison, 1WTC is 13’ 4")


the observation deck has been confirmed for floors 57-58. Those might be the highest occupied floors, where they are relative to the full 68 is unknown (to my knowledge) I assume floor 68 would be the base of the spire.


The new website confirms the 1,501’ height!

The anti-New Yorkers on other sites lost their opportunity to engage in schadenfreude.

Anti-Nimby will have to content himself with violating barnyard animals in rural Pennsylvania!

Needless to say, The guys at SSP will have more time to devote to their NAMBLA meetings.

I’m John Boehner, and I approve this message!!!



I was at the site yesterday & since everything pretty much all cleared, you’ll realize how big this site is.

I can’t wait until this tower starts to rise.


I concur, VG.


whoa. burn! i take it you don’t like the SSP guys.


Ii just like playing with them. It’s all in jest.


1,501 FEET


1,501ft to the roof or to the spire?


To the spire.

Oct 10th


no, they’re kind of assholes. too controlling, don’t let us skyscraper fans really just talk about them!


I agree. This is the forum par excellence!


And of course with that said, it’s the community that makes this great.

So I say, spread the word. We seem to get new members all the time, and as always, there are readers and commenters, and I say, feel free to comment and voice your opinion. We do not bash nor make fun of. We are the Statue of Liberty of Forums. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

And thats exactly what we have become. A community focused on development, and having fun. Sharing the gift that is the urban experience. From the East Coast to the West Coast, anything is welcomed here! :smile:


So does anyone know if the main core material will be steel or concrete?


Office buildings in NYC are always steel, and residential are wood framed and concrete.


@one vanderbilt


So what is up with 55 Hudson yards? I think its not steel there and its an office building??


There are a couple notable examples of mostly-concrete office buildings, 10 HY and 55 HY among them. Most modern office buildings have at least a concrete core with steel-framed floors, like we see over at 3WTC (again with some exceptions such as 30 HY, where I believe the layout of the railyard below precluded them from building a traditional core).

I would be surprised if One Vandy wasn’t a concrete core, but I don’t think we’ve seen structural diagrams that would confirm that one way or another. Maybe Otie has some idea?