NEW YORK | One Seaport Residences | 670 FT | 60 FLOORS


Never been to Sandy Hook, but sounds like a great alternative!


I hesitate to post any pics that don’t reference One Seaport but in the interest of architecture I’ll share a few from SH -admittedly the lifeguard chair is a stretch but here goes:


Love Sandy Hook. Was just there 2 weeks ago. Best part is you’re allowed to bring beer and food out onto the beach with you.


Sandy Hook looks nice! Will have to check it out next summer!

Here are some of my pics from Riis Beach in the Rockaways, it’s quite the scene :


And, more on topic, the residents at One Seaport will have very easy access (practically across the street) to the ferries that take you to these great destinations (and much more). :slight_smile:


Good point. It will be advantages to be able to look out the window and opt for the lap pool or subway. If only I could have seen that queue from Brooklyn. NIce pics btw…


Nice Photos!!





Nice shot, City




Oh no! :anguished:


This is like the 3rd guy this summer. Is it typical for this to happen so often?


NYC is currently in a construction boom, probably record breaking.

Don’t remember where, but i remember reading that the boom has created aprox + 350 k jobs which is just insane, so there are a lot of guys out there working in dangerous environments on a daily basis, therefore IMO, we had been fortunate that the fatalities has been this low.


Good point. In past years there haven’t been nearly the same level of projects happening simultaneously. Still sucks to see these accidents


Totally agree





It’s wild how skinny this is.


I was neutral on this, but the glass is slowly winning me over.

From yesterday, by me