NEW YORK | One Seaport Residences | 670 FT | 60 FLOORS


This is going up quite quickly now!







Hah Robert!
I love your “Ohio!” 's
They always crack me up
May I ask where this expression comes from?






Nice shots, Tec




I’d say there somewhere around the 25th floor?


^ Correct
25/60, 41%







Snapped these quickly while in a rush, but the glass is looking good so far!


Awesome shots!

PS: The elevated FDR should come down south of Brooklyn Bridge.


Hey Street -you mention you were in a rush…obviously you weren’t in line yesterday for the ferry to Far Rockaway. A conservative estimate had 500 people in line waiting for that service! Quite the joke…but plenty of time for photographs. I ended up at Sandy Hook instead.


I actually was in line for the Rockaway ferry! I got there at 12 for the 12:30 ferry… When the 12:30 ferry left and hardly a dent was made in the line, I realized the train and bus was what it had to be … Got these shots as I fled that crazy scene and tried to catch the next 5 train to Flatbush… Riis Beach was poppin’!!!


hahaha. We arrived at the Pier 11 bound Brooklyn ferry at 11:19am. By 12:15 when it finally departed they only had room for 4 passengers. When we arrived at Wall St. we had already lost a good portion of the day and decided to pony up for the trip to Sandy Hook for which there was no line at all and were on the beach by 1:38pm