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Crowning Penthouse of Financial District’s 60-Story Glass Tower Asks $18M

The term penthouse lost a lot of its pizzazz when developers started sticking the name on any old apartment toward the top of a building. But genuine penthouses still exist, and the latest of the tried and true is the crowning apartment of 1 Seaport, which hit the market over the weekend asking $18 million. (But that isn’t to say the Financial District tower isn’t also a hoarder of penthouses. Two other apartments in the building that call themselves as much are asking $6.995 million and $7.525 million.)

The apartment, a duplex, covers 4,489 square feet and has such penthouse-worthy features as a double-height living area with 22-foot floor-to-ceiling glass walls, a corner balcony, two additional private terraces, and direct elevator access. The apartment also has four bedrooms and two master bathrooms (because why not.) The penthouse’s ask puts its price per square foot just a smidge over $4,000/square foot.


Nice rooms, and nice renderings!




That’s an amazing room!


I agree. I hope that its neighbor, 80 South St, has a higher roof than Nirdstrom.


Where is this Nerdstrom tower you speak off?


I meant Nordstrom.


I know. There should be a Nerdstrom tower. Just because.


Is there a thread for the commercial building going up behind this? Should there be?


Good point, Brome.

We don’t have a thread. You should make one.


By civil facts



Imagine that site with 80 South St!!!


That render is beautiful!
And with One Seaport over there! ^^


80 South would be a perfect bookend to 1 WTC. I think SHoP will design another gem.


I agree! I hope that China Oceanwide keeps the ShOP design.


Aug 3rd
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Great update!


Not much has changed, but maybe a few extra angles couldn’t hurt. :slight_smile: