NEW YORK | One Seaport Residences | 670 FT | 60 FLOORS


@Thomas_Koloski how much more does this one have to go?


45/60, 75%


From the ferry to Pier 11


Great shots so far. Keep em coming!



This sure looks topped-out to me.


In tradition with a topping out, let us thank Lord Ramses for this wonderful gift!


What’s going to happen to all these riverside buildings the next time a super-storm rolls into town?


Ugh. I’ve heard this said often and it irritates me. These buildings will fare MUCH better than any small house. They are build super sturdily and the worst that could happen are a few broken windows and flooding on the ground floor. And thats in the worst case scenario.
I mean look at sandy. Most of the damage it caused was in low rise buildings along the coast. High rises were fine except for one57’s messy crane
So relax.


It’s not like the architects haven’t had that thought. New and renovated buildings in the area all put major mechanical and electrical systems on an elevated floor like the fourth. Ground floors are designed so they can easily be barricaded.


If NYC ever gets another Sandy (probably not likely in our lifetimes given the horrible luck hitting exactly the moment when tides are highest), there is no better place to be than a new building, because they have the most up-to-date codes.

Newer buildings were mostly untouched during Sandy, and the standards have massively improved since.


I heard the contracts for these apartments contained a clause which said that if the developer was not done by this summer and had to revise its budget, then buyers who had already gone into contract would have the option to pullout. Does anyone know if this is happening?


Hopefully the BIG U happens, I’d love to see that come into fruition. Would deffinetly help that problem



The building has 80 units, of which 73 are listed as being in contract. That’s not bad for a building that still has a ways to go before construction wraps. The number to watch is 73 to see if it starts ticking lower the longer construction drags on.