NEW YORK | One Seaport Residences | 670 FT | 60 FLOORS




Taken the other day






Two more floors in ten days… steady progress!





Great Photos all around Tec!


new york city by Jeff Lin, on Flickr


NY is beyond retarded. That heinous FDR should be razed (at least south of the City Hall exit). There could be a beautiful, waterfront greenspace on the whole east side.


It might be nice if it went down underground like the underpass below battery park, maybe slopes down beneath as it passes Brooklyn bridge, and then they could build a better esplanade above


Maybe one day.


De blaz would rather build a dystopian skyscraper prison


I don’t think we need it. People should use mass transit. For those who insist on driving, First and Second Avenues should suffice, and they should pay a huge congestion fee for the privilege of driving. That fee can be applied to fixing the transit system.



It should terminate at the Manhattan Bridge and should be buried above it. People celebrate the High Line but don’t see the glaringly obvious opportunity to make use of the most misappropriated and wasted real estate in the city, in an area much larger and with greater potential. It would pay dividends to the city and its people in an extraordinary way.

Shall I compare thee?


I’ve thought this for a very long time also. bury them all! I’d love to see Manhattan banning private vehicle traffic to it’s more congested neighborhoods like other cities have done. Get rid of the cars and double down on mass transit! :metro::train::oncoming_bus:


Would this apply to Uber or Lift?