NEW YORK | One Seaport Residences | 670 FT | 60 FLOORS


Speaking of the Second Coming, Andrea looks like one of the angels that will accompany Our Lord upon His return.


spoilery Infinity War joke: If you see people disappearing around the world don’t worry it’s not the rapture, that’s just Thanos

On Feb. 15, a concrete bucket grazed the 34th floor, causing some of the material to pour into the street and partially lifting part of the floor’s deck. The DOB issued a stop work order following the incident, and only started allowing some concrete work to commence on April 20. A partial stop-work order exists on the site.




Great! Starting to rise again it seems


It has only risen 2 floors since my last visit last month, but hopefully this will be finished before I graduate


thinking Spring 2019 at this rate…sheesh


What I should’ve said was by the time I graduate



Nice shot, Falco




Some quick evening shots



The City by Terri Mattioni, on Flickr




Manhattan Skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park 2 by Chase Hoffman, on Flickr


Manhattan from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade by Ben Pearce, on Flickr








Was stuck at floor 28
Now at 37/60, 62%