NEW YORK | One Seaport Residences | 670 FT | 60 FLOORS


I like both designs. I don’t know why so many people on forums don’t like Big’s. I think it’s stunning.



I can’t wait for 2 WTC.

I really like both designs, but I actually prefer Big’s.


Credit: Mitch Waxman


From a couple days ago



Should be done by 2025.




what a debacle.

Roughly four months after a construction worker fell to his death from an under-construction Lower Manhattan tower, the Department of Buildings issued partial stop-work orders for improperly installed safety netting on the project.

Twice this month, the DOB halted work at Fortis Property Group’s 161 Maiden Lane for netting that wasn’t close enough to floors where work was being done, records show.


Quite a long time. Its unfortunate anytime a worker gets killed, but this should have been resolved a while ago.

IDK why the EHS department and safety engineers can’t get their shit together and fix the netting.


on the bright side there’s finally some visual progress

Untitled by Justine Lee, on Flickr


Rainy day along the East River, NYC by ballesteros_j, on Flickr





Untitled by Vicente Vidal, on Flickr


One Seaport from above. 45 Broad and 80 South here we come! 80 South will really add a much needed peak to this area.

Credit: subherwal




Pic by me. Taken today. On the left. Also 1 Manhattan Sq in the distance on the right.

IMG_0113 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr

IMG_0114 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr


Day3_099 by Todd Freestone, on Flickr


not much apparent progress.

IMG_1318 by New York Underworld, on Flickr

edit: a partial stop work order is in effect.

There is a slew of active violations for the site.


The completion date is scheduled to coincide with the Second Coming: