NEW YORK | One Manhattan Square | 847 FT | 72 FLOORS


Utterly out of focus but you get the idea


Great photos , Chris and 5b.


Nice up close photos


Dan DeLuca


Cellphone shot from Fort Greene Park







From DOT Camera


hopefully the other towers planned get build, this will be a sexy cluster on the E river once they are.




I noticed that this tower has advertisement here on Yimby. Very fitting.


Anyone have a good guess as to how tall it is already? Id like to try to picture how tall it will appear from Hoboken and JC. It is already making a small appearance in the downtown skyline.



Amazing photo, JC!!!


Around 350 feet


Oh man. I hope they still have 500+ ft to go but i have a feeling this is already way over halfway since it appears to be over 40 floors. I would have guessed well over 500 ft so far. Oh well. The progress is great and Im happy to see it on the skyline from NJ already.





Haha. That pic should be a stock photo! Nice.


100% agree JC