NEW YORK | One Manhattan Square | 847 FT | 72 FLOORS


Yea, this looks pretty huge.


This may be the closest a new building in NYC gets to being a sore thumb, though luckily in this case it’ll be temporary with JDS’ (more attractive) tower also planned to rise next door.


In a way it’s sort of how the ESB looked out of place at first. But we all know how that turned out.:wink: Could this be foreshadowing???


It is definitely going to be one of the most visible towers in New York. You will be able to see it from almost every angle. The design isn’t innovative enough for it to be excellent. There is no escaping the monolithic effect, all I can hope is that they use great materials. Also when its neighbour comes up it will definitely look better.




Looks like its about 9 floors up.







Hmmm. Going to try posting some aerial video this weekend.


Nice!!! :smiley:




Before we know it this will be half way up.


So many cherries are being popped and blossoming. 247 Cherry will be the cherry on top of the cake that is the Lower East Side.




9/17 from my roof

Anyone else think this crane is from 250 south st? I hope it is, it will be cool to get some pics of this one once it rises higher from my roof in jersey city.


Yea, that is most likely the crane. This building is rising fast. Also, JC, have you ever thought of making timelapses of buildings in Manhattan from where you stay?





You can see the bilding at top right corner.

Live cam

“420 Kent avenue brooklyn”