NEW YORK | One Manhattan Square | 847 FT | 72 FLOORS


Yes it has been excruciatingly slow.




this turned out much more blue than originally rendered.


I still maintain that this should be in Vegas as a casino. Not much of fan, though a small cluster here would be nice.


Lol Vegas casino. Could totally see that.


This is off topic–but who decided to paint the FDR Drive periwinkle blue?


“At night, the park takes on a softer vibe. “Almost Purple” paint, chosen by SHoP, covers the part of the FDR facing the water.”



SHoP has designed just about all of the Seaport projects to date for HHC. Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re making conceptual designs for the lot at 250 Water Street. Would really like to get some inside information on HHC’s plans and their strategy for dealing with the City and the small but vocal gaggle of naysayers.


It’s like Las Vegas and Shenzhen had a baby and left it on our doorstep.


Not nearly a good enough design to stand alone. If you’re going to be the only skyscraper around, you better be spectacular.

Imagine if 9 Dekalb stood here instead of this mediocrity?


Why would they care if they’re the first to come of many and can scoop up the market early?


They obviously don’t. I just wish they did.


Well speaking of 9 Dekalb… at least we can take solace that BK’s first supertall is in the hands of JDS. :slight_smile:


I’d like to nominate One Manhattan Square for consideration for this year’s “Eternal Hoist” award. What is the “Eternal Hoist” award you say? This award celebrates buildings who have structurally topped out, but have their construction elevator affixed to the building for at least 6 months after the fact. This year we have several strong contenders including 220 Central Park South, 111 Murray and 19 Dutch Street.

One Manhattan Square topped out the last week of September, 2017. Here’s to another 380 days with the hoist hanging around.

Also a shoutout to 260 Lenox Ave for taking down their sidewalk shed after 14 years: This was a past winner of the “Eternal Shed” award in 2016. Note the article references 115th & Lenox, home to a sidewalk shed that was erected in 1990 and is STILL going strong. It’s up for a lifetime achievement award this year!

Congrats to all!


I’d argue that 220 CPS is in first place for that award but yea this one is taking it’s sweet time as well


Fourteen years. This city’s government is a bad joke, and this local law has destroyed the aesthetics of the city, ruined business for many, and ironically endangered people by the persistent and indefinite presence of so many sheds.
I’ve never seen anything like it. London is thousands of years old but somehow their facades don’t have to be wrapped in sheds for years on end, as the landlord just refuses to take any correctable action.

The Crains article referenced in the link is excellent as well as infuriating. The reality is that the shed industry has became enormously profitable and therefore there’s no incentive for common sense adjustments to the law.
In the meantime, if you took every shed in NYC and placed them end-to-end on I-95, they would reach from Manhattan to Fredericksburg, Virginia, a two hours drive south of D.C.

But of course, my favorite is the fact that “even the DOB headquarters at 280 Broadway in Manhattan has had a sidewalk shed around it since 2008.





What a missed opportunity…