NEW YORK | One Manhattan Square | 847 FT | 72 FLOORS


Tom how much further do we have on this tower?


I was wondering because it keeps getting taller. Rough count about 4 more floors?


Thanks Tec. Great shots btw!


Thank you.


I just counted 64 floors.
My margin of error is maybe 2-3 so yeah tec is just about right. I think another 4-6 floors and this baby is THERE. Maybe even another 8 floors if we are lucky :wink: but I dont think so. Im as blind as a bat


How tall are the surround buildings? 150 - 200 feet?


64/72, 88%


If I may use tectonics shot as a comparison for 247 Cherry.




Taken today. By me.








such great photos from everyone!


Good timing on that girl’s jump 5b. I wonder if the bf was able to get such a good shot haha


Its what this tower and other towers due to folks.

What was occurring in that pic is a quantum jump. A temporary increase in quantum energy causing a flux of excitement, and projecting matter against the force of gravity. Directly proportional (energy) to how stellar a tower is. Had she seen Verre or Steinway complete, she would of hit low orbit.

Common things can cause this effect.

Staring at Verre
Staring at Stienway
Staring at the skyline from the GWB,

Why there are so many accidents on the GWB, because of the excitement of the skyline.


Hah this made me cackle!


Some scientists say that A Megatall being approved could quantum jump somebody to Mars.

Legends tell that a Megatall actually starting construction in NYC could boost somebody to the center of the Milky Way and beyond, depending on the height and design of such building.

Also the first negative quantum jump was recorded when 50 Hudson Yards was leased.