NEW YORK | Moxy Downtown (26 Ann Street) | 364 FT | 30 FLOORS


Feb 20th

Good riddance! I’m glad this PoS is gone!


Wow, that happened very fast!


I know. There are two little heaps across the street on either side of an empty lot . Hopefully , they’ll cone down soon too.


April 22

This is better filler than I expected and a Yuge (nod to Trump) improvement over this POS that was there.

The junk across the street will surely be redeveloped.


JULY 1st


It looks like they may be done with pilings and on to the foundation already.


The shape is boring, but I hope That the glass will be nice.


9/26 taken from ann st. .


Nov 4, 2016




from Ann St:


Title changed to: NEW YORK | 143 Fulton Street | 364 FT | 30 FLOORS

The latest building permits indicate the 364-foot-tall tower will encompass 128,690 square feet.Foundation work is now beginning on the 30-story, 298-key hotel under development.

Good to see this u/c.





144 Fulton, The heinous eyesore across the street, is being replaced!!!


This is finally rising noticeably above the setbacks.


Nice shots, Brominator.




From the Ann St side…

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