NEW YORK | Midtown East Rezoning


That would be wonderful


I agree. Pedestrianizing Times Sq turned out great. It’s time to give more streets back to pedestrians. Cities are for walking — not driving. Manhattan is not Manhassat or Mamaroneck. Those burbs are for driving.


Totally Agree with you Robert in fact, I’d go further and Say the city should Pedestrianize Broadway as well. Though I’d Argue Mamaroneck could be a bit more walkable with a couple tweaks and more development around Mamaroneck Ave.


I agree on all counts, Tower.





With Brewer’s approval and recommendations delivered, the rezoning now moves to the City Planning Commission and then on to the City Council and the mayor before its implementation.




Is this ideal? How high can they towers get in the rezoning area now? Could a 1800-2000 feet to the roof become a reality?