New York Metropolitan Vintage Photo Collection


are you from the future? :smiley:


MW 1 is massive. Even fro ma far just look at that dominance when the shot is enlarged.


Whoops, wrong forum! But I can certainly make it look like the future, a render of course. Still around the city, stopping at 3-4 more places and I’ll be heading out. I think you’ll all be pleased


Manhattan from Queens, May 1990 by mplstodd, on Flickr

Manhattan Skyline - Sept 1990 by mplstodd, on Flickr

Midtown Manhattan from New Jersey - Sept 1991 by mplstodd, on Flickr


October 1973



ca. 1931 Midtown Manhattan skyline view! New York. by cobravictor, on Flickr

(ca. 6/19/1943). New York skyscrapers. Park Avenue. by cobravictor, on Flickr