New York Metropolitan Vintage Photo Collection


are you from the future? :smiley:


MW 1 is massive. Even fro ma far just look at that dominance when the shot is enlarged.


Whoops, wrong forum! But I can certainly make it look like the future, a render of course. Still around the city, stopping at 3-4 more places and I’ll be heading out. I think you’ll all be pleased


Manhattan from Queens, May 1990 by mplstodd, on Flickr

Manhattan Skyline - Sept 1990 by mplstodd, on Flickr

Midtown Manhattan from New Jersey - Sept 1991 by mplstodd, on Flickr


October 1973



ca. 1931 Midtown Manhattan skyline view! New York. by cobravictor, on Flickr

(ca. 6/19/1943). New York skyscrapers. Park Avenue. by cobravictor, on Flickr


1964 or 65


That’s a great shot! I love how the wheat fields are in front of the skyline


I love how the skyline continues to evolve. Nothing else like it! Also, fun fact: those are actually phragmites, or common reeds, not wheat :slight_smile:


My bad, I get them mixed up a lot. I’ve seen a lot of them around here in South Jersey too


Any seeding grass looks like wheat to me


THIS is an actual wheat field:



1955 from the Hudson:

  1. No idea where I got it from, but I instinctively snipped it and put it as my background on every device a few months ago.


Is there something on the Singer Building in that shot from 1955?


If you mean the white stuff I think that’s smoke coming from the City Investing Building’s massive smokestack. It functioned at least to 1965:
Seen here on the left of the slanted roof sections:

On the subject, another good picture of both from 1938… in color (from Instagram)


Man we lost a gem with the Singer Building


Agreed. An ex-WTB, a rare french renaissance skyscraper, an icon, a prototype of setbacks and zoning regulations, and just a gem in general. If I remember right, it was March 2 1969 that a news article announced it’s full demolition. It’s coming up on 50 years since that day.


1979, small antenna being replaced with the bigger one