New York Metropolitan Vintage Photo Collection



Even as a stump, with 1 NY Plaza around, the New Seamen’s Church building is already dwarfed.

This made me realize something.

1,2 and 4 New York Plaza were built between 1967 and 1971.

3 NY Plaza was a reskin of the 1886 Army Building, which happened in 1986.

My question is… what had the name of 3 New York Plaza until the reclad, or what was planned for that name? There’s no way there could have been plans for the army building there, as the Army still owned it until the 70s.




Aha. That’s what makes this view so pleasing.


Vintage Manhattan Skyline on tumblr



Same perspective but in 1951. The good old days. When men smoked cigars, wore suits when working at the port and sat outside of the Salami store talking business.

Manhattan aerial view, New York - July 6, 1951. by cobravictor, on Flickr


Can’t help but notice that beautiful art deco tower at 60 John Street poking out in that pic. It got completely raped when the Home Insurance Building went up, and the tower part was demolished.

1956: Easter. In a way this was an unintentional sendoff to the classic skyline. Chase began construction the following year.


December 1954. One of my favorite photos of downtown all in all.


King George VI visits NYC in 1936 and his motorcade rides along the elevated West Side Highway.




Here is my hand at colorizing. I don’t do it at all, and this was my first time, but here’s 6 hours of work.

A few I have saved





Nice photos and colorizing! I have a few of Philly that I’d like to see in color, you think you can do it?


Thanks. I’m not too familiar with Philly but with this I was way too familiar with the buildings (some being my all time favorites) so I gave it a shot. If I get free time I might eventually do more from this area though, since the Singer Building is the most beautiful and incredible building (at least in my opinion) as well as other parts of downtown NY.



Pics from my dad’s visit to NY in 1989. He scanned them the other day


Great shots!


Thanks. If I find where he put the pics I can make more high res scans of each one so I’ll look for them